Style is unique. Retro, punk, etc are references, not styles.final_newsletter_image
Each person has its own style. You have yours, I have mine, even if we have similar references.
If you and other person wear the same full look, neither of you have a style. Both are only poor copies of Dsomething. So, you undervalue your personal brand.

Do clothes make the woman or does the woman make the clothes? Whether you love to sew your own threads or prefer to browse Rodeo Drive, your wardrobe reflects your personality. Find out what your clothes are saying about you with our fashion quiz.

Take this quiz to find out your fashion personality.
(See the answer key at the bottom of this page and follow the links.)
1. My approach to color is to choose…
a. simple, easy to wash, easy to hide stains, etc.
b. mostly primary colors, pink, black, and white in solids or classic prints.
c. softer “pretty” colors in solids or feminine prints.
d. lots of black or the “it” colors of the season.
2. The theme I use when choosing accessories is…
a. simplicity; Do I have to wear accessories?
b. put-together; I like to be well coordinated.
c. charming; I like softer details.
d. one-of-a-kind; I love to make a statement!
3. If I opened my own clothing store, a name for it might be…
a. Land’s Edge, Banana Island, Into the Gap
b. Snap!, New Navy, Taylor and Lord
c. Whistful Thinking, Charmed I’m Sure, Anthropologists
d. Metro Stop, Unlimited, Rampant, Diva

4. When I shop, I…
a. I can find what I need pretty quickly in a catalogue or discount/department store because I’m a girl whose more about function than form.I might have a reputation for finding items at places which also sell sporting goods.
b. I expend a little effort to find quality. I have my favorite retailers and I’m willing to pay a little more for the right look and the proper fit. (At least in theory.)
c. I use both department stores and boutiques, although I have to feel inspired and uplifted.
d. I visit a lot of off-beat places for a look that’s really unique.
5. I’d love to know that my style can be described as…
a. down to earth, unfussy, natural, fresh
b. sharp, classic, pretty
c. charming, beautiful, feminine
d. fashion-forward, chic, sophisticated
6. My approach to makeup is to…
a. not approach it! Okay, maybe just a little.
b. coordinate it with my outfit.
c. keep it soft and pretty.
d. become noticeable and striking.
If you can’t seem to figure it out, remember that #5 is weighted and can, in a pinch, count twice.
If you answered mostly A, you have a Relaxed Fashion Personality

You enjoy a “relaxed” look and comfort is a high priority for you. You prefer a little less structure in your silhouette, knit fabrics, and few (or no) accessories.
Avoid frumping out or relying on workout wear or tennis shoes all the time. Step it up a notch, especially for professional attire.
  • Go for your best colors all the time. (Why not wear a hoodie in your BEST color?)
  • Ensure that items are in good shape and not too “loved.” (no pilling, stains, or general disprepair)
  • Go for a fitted look, rather than a tight or voluminous one. (You know what I mean here.)
  • Pay attention to your shoes. Comfort and style can be found in the same pair. Yes, they can.
  • Avoid back packs (and fanny packs) and cloth bags that get lumpy. Choose soft and supple leather that works with your everyday movements.
If you answered mostly B, you have a Classic Fashion Personality.
You enjoy a “classic” look. Coordination is a high priority for you and you pay attention to detail. You prefer structure, clever pairings, and smart accessories.
Avoid the boredom of predictability by enhancing your look with updates and little surprises. Stick with your instincts for choosing fashion, but squeeze a bit outside your comfort zone to step it up.
  • Continue your use of makeup but pay attention to new and fresher updates.
  • Wear your best colors around your face. If the mustard-color-tweed-man-style-blazer is worth a fortune but makes you look sick, opt for a new, feminine one in a gorgeous color.
  • If you own something that isn’t exactly now, but isn’t exactly vintage either (like the 1992 boiled wool cardigan) find a newer alternative for the same purpose.
  • Continue to pay attention to your shoes, but realize that an outdated old nasty shoe can destroy the beauty of your outfit.


If you answered mostly C, you have a “Romantic” Fashion Personality.

Variation on the theme of “blue sweater” See more “romantic” looks  at
You enjoy a “romantic” look and feeling feminine is a high
priority for you. You take the structured and the unstructured and you soften it up. You prefer womanly silhouettes, charming details, and pretty color combinations.
Avoid anything “girlish” in your professional ensembles (like hair decor, pastel suits, or too much jewelry or nail art. Continue to use your instincts when shopping but go for quality over quantity.
  • Choose colors to work like cosmetics around your face. (Wear your most flattering.)
  • Update your hairstyle to something romantic AND current.
  • ​Remember the distinction between daytime vs. night time makeup.
  • Adopt a signature accessory such as a strand of pearls, over-sized ring, or charm bracelet to solidify your claim to “romantic.”
  • ​Ensure that your handbag for work is professional and not just “pretty.”



If you answered mostly D, you have an Expressive Fashion Personality.
You enjoy an “expressive” feel to your ensembles. You value uniqueness and being fashion-forward is a high priority for you. On the other hand, you hate to think that you can be pegged as one in a crowd of what’s in style.
Avoid over-doing it, especially in a professional setting, and stay the class act you are.
  • Choose colors for their cosmetic effects rather than for the their fashionable appeal.
  • Keep the focal point of your fashion on your face.
  • Remember balance and proportion (and moderation) when accessorizing.
  • Remember the distinction between day time and night time makeup.
  • Remember the hour rule for shoes: Some shoes work all day, some for half, and your favorites for only 1 or 2 hours (mostly sitting).
  • Avoid too much bling on your handbag for professional wear.

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