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Trail Blazer

The single piece of clothing we saw the most of this season? A menswear-inspired blazer. Worn as a suit with matching trousers or thrown on with jeans, this is a look that works for literally everyone. The gray plaid double-breasted blazer from Raf Simons’s first Calvin Klein collection was the month’s unequivocal trophy piece, but we also saw lots of statement-y velvet blazers and simple black jackets.

Orange You Glad?

Halloween is coming up, but that’s not why everyone was wearing orange this season. There’s no concrete explanation for why this particular hue feels fresh right now, but it has something to do with the trend for the “ugly,” slightly off, super-bright colors seen on recent runways. We spotted lots of women in orange coats and jackets, but true fashion fans will wear it head to toe.

Hat Trick

Are newsboy caps and berets the new It bags? If the number of models and editors we saw wearing them is any indication, the answer is a resounding yes. More than a few girls turned up in Dior’s leather berets from Fall ’17, and the model of the season, Kaia Gerber, opted for a newsboy cap in bordeaux. It’s worth pointing out that a Gallic hat is arguably the best selfie accessory, too; unlike a handbag or shoe, it makes it into every shot.

Sweater Dressing

Chunky sweaters aren’t exactly new, but this season found women reimagining how they wear them, from the models going “pantsless” in XL knits to a few lucky girls test-driving the “I Love New York” pullovers from Raf Simons’s Fall ’17 menswear collection.


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