P.S from Paris….If it is possible to be true sometime and someplace in our life time! Book review


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This time Marc levy best selling author make his points from the bottom up. Why do we all become so familiar with the norms. the regular social trends, in the main stream, waiting tables in Paris and falling in love is one coffee shop counter customer day dream. Author levy correlate a love relation gone sour with the difficulty and hard work trying to live a dream in Paris.


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Not only i’am very familiar with the social trend of falling in love around Paris, but also the daily ins and outs about the core of making the romance into a strange heat actions by hiding, changing looks and persona, and obtaining strange job and places including names. The bizarre about the story between characters Mia and Paul and how they were meant to be together is far in the future using dating website and so traditional as she take on waiting tables in her friend restaurant as to an actress.

A romantic story sparks with love between Paul and Mia in the city of love. Surprises and unexpected set up in their meeting suppose o be only business as usual.

Marc Levy almost if he placed Paul as a character of himself as a successful author who just released a book that made him famous escaping to Paris meeting a strange actress Mia looking for love in all the right places.

This book is a story that make the reader look forward for the next exiting unusual surprising ideas trailing with no time to guess about what is going to happen next.

Image result for P.S from paris book images Something like that can be told over and over again not to bore anyone, with essays by levy describing characters that we all can relate to because of the need to escape from the teddy life into the unexpected surprise we hope to find what we always look for in our attraction to others in a romance of course. Far from what we ever had, good or bad, as long as that can be to talk about and not just the same daily routine.

Sure i escaped once to Hawaii from it all; school stress, job pressure, family and friends depression, i was as lucky for only one night, but as so for Paul and Mia. it is so much easier in a fiction to make things happen than reality. Her sour marriage and his first book took off and the unusual business meeting.

We all want to be there too. Sleepless in Paris with the endless romantic actions from wine and dine to the promenade long walk holding hands under the moon lights and the stars dusts. Levy might not mention all that, but he truly got the readers imagination involved in lot more than just that romance, action, setting, and all the add-on one can be compelled not to hide from the reality.

Again Mark levy a french celebrity author have conquered our vision for the need to find out what is next in his quest to make us readers to have the mutual feeling of been there as either Paul or Mia.


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