It was the Sahara Hotel in this spot now called SLS and had huge sign  CLEO Mediterraneo about fine Mediterranean cuisine. The look make one eat with the eyes, and true fine Mediterranean cuisine is far from just difficult to create and make it happen like home made Mediterranean.

It seems everywhere restaurateurs trying to make the switch to the Mediterranean dinning experience with a wedge fusion of some sorts. In California, Nevada, and far as North Carolina.

The Mediterranean food seems so simple. Pizza , Pasta, Gyros, Spanish rice, Pita, French rolls, Grape leaves, and don’t forget the French Fries. It is simple and the benefits are greater than anything else. Now more than ever that you can find it on the supermarkets shelves everywhere. like Hummus, Pita Chips, Grape Leaves, and other Mediterranean packaged sandwiches.

We are back talking about the fine Mediterranean cuisine that dinning experience last for a long time, and one must prepare for it ahead of time. Mediterraneo is about lot more than Pizza ans Pasta, Pita chips, and Hummus.


The menu-check it out

Mediterraneo is a place to socialize, dine, and experience the true Mediterranean culture in a family-oriented environment. We serve the finest Mediterranean cuisine, combined our own traditional Italian and Lebanese influences to provide an extensive, affordably priced menu to suit all tastes.

This is one place one must either visit or try to find a similar location near where they stay.

This place that i want to be there by myself sometimes, but also i want to take my love ones too. I had many experiences in dining out in similar places during my college years and thereafter, and this remind me of places like the outer of Paris , and Athens. It is about the food and also about the setting. I take the setting.

About SLS Las Vegas Mediterraneo CLEO dinning experience is for you to find out.


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