Christmas Fashion Statement 2017…Peek look….The streamlined looks had a very millennial feel……..

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A great range of diversity in styles will be seen on the runways of NYFW. The runways will be filled with styles in the name of statement wear and faux furs and warmer pants and floral prints.

If you don’t already know the scale of New York Fashion Week then you may be surprised to know that the event attracts 100,000 people and generates $880 million in revenue for New York City.Image result for christmas 2017 fashion statementIncorporate this trend into your wardrobe by investing in neutrals that flatter your skin tone: crisp white will look perfect against darker or olive skin, whilst warmer creams and beige’s are best if you have a pale skin tone. Shades of dove and darker grey were also shown for a more accessible look.

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