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Jimmy Faar is from Lebanese descent and i like you to read the meaning of the Lebanese descent, (

There is a longstanding conflict among Lebanese as to whether they are Arabs orPhoenicians, with adherents of the Phoenician identity predominantly Christian. This sort of identity politics fed into the civil wars. In fact, Arabic is a language, not a race, and Phoenician descent is a heritage of all humankind by now.Dec 23, 2008 Read more 

Lebanese are Phoenicians After All; And so Are Many of the Rest of …

To expand on it many claim and do not want to claim whether they wish to be Lebanese only, and arabic. most of the time it is all depend on the situation. it appear to be that language as english is not a culture rather is only a language. the same apply for both the Phoenicians, and the Arabic language. Jimmy Faar is leba…..and he is proud of it.
Image result for Jimmy Farr a celebrityJimmy faar and wife Joy.
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