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It’s almost getting to that time of year again when winter is on its way out and we have to start thinking about spring. I know this is a bit of a dreaded thought for many as it seems like only yesterday it was Christmas, believe me, I’m the same. But the great thing about spring is that you can start to experiment with your wardrobe a little bit more.

Layering is a massive part of spring as it’s not cold enough to warrant a massive wintery coat, yet it isn’t warm enough to not wear a lightweight jacket or add a few layers. And when we say layering, we don’t mean putting every jumper you own on to keep warm like you do in winter, we mean something a little more stylish. Here at Idle HQ we love a good bit of layering so we thought we’d show you how to do it in style this season, no matter where you’re going.

We’ve narrowed it down to four key places and occasions where you can experiment with layering, the pub, a spring walk, to the office and a casual day out. With our help you’ll be layering in style in no time at all. (The Ideal Man)


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4 Tips to For Christian Women to Dress Modestly

As Christian women, we are not bound by a set of rules on how to dress as we are free in Christ. However, what we do should not stumble another (Romans 14). What we wear as women, can stumble another. Men are easily influenced by how women dress – Lust. And according to the bible, Lust = Adultery (Matthew 5:28).  Young women are also easily influenced by their peers to dress according to fashion. This potential obsession about how one’s dress draws away the importance of dressing modestly, focusing on godliness and good works (1 Tim 2). And today’s fashion is far from modest.

That said, Here are a few tips about how women should dress to avoid stumbling another brother or sister.

1. Watch your… Bums, thighs, cleavage, back!
These are areas which most men get sexually aroused. Is your bum cheeks showing? Thighs are really attractive too. Cleavage – are you showing too much? Your back, does your clothes have a plunging back line?
2. It’s not about the piece of clothes, its about how you wear it.
Really short shorts are okay if you are wearing leggings, but it’s not okay if you wear it alone. Stockings are a perfect match to knee+ length skirts, but wearing it alone without any other bottom wear is a tad too seductive. There’s a huge difference to wearing a tube top with a blouse over as compared to wearing on its own.
3. If you are deliberately wearing something to seduce, rethink about what you just put on.
If you just put on that tiny dress to seduce, you probably have reached your aim! So reconsider what you wear to save your brother.
4. Are you wearing something flashy and drawing attention? Especially at church…
Is your blue hair or your sparkly makeup or that bright pink hot pants standing out so much, that it detracts attention from learning from the bible at a church meeting/ service? If so, think about what you are wearing.
Dressing modestly would also mean that you would have to work harder on your inner beauty – your godliness. And that would attract men in a very different way. A positive way!



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