Victoria's secret

Victoria’s secret

Monday was the most fashionable night in the world has the ramp was graced by angels for the Victoria’s Secret Fashion Show 2017 that took place in Shanghai, China. The bravura fashion show was all about sizzling lingerie, breathtaking wings, sensational performances and a few here and there anomalies.

This was the second show was supermodel Bella Hadid and was stunning on the ramp. But things were not so perfect for the supermodel as she suffered a double nip slip as she took on her angelic walk. But the unfazed 20-year-old was busy cheering and enjoying her moment of glory.

Although it was an almost negligible wardrobe mishap, the shutterbugs manage to microfilm the pictures.She was celebrating with her fellow models at the end of the show. Picture: J. Lee/FilmMagic)

She was celebrating with her fellow models at the end of the show.

Bella Hadid returned to the Victoria’s Secret runway on Monday night during the lingerie brand’s fashion show in Shanghai.

The 21-year-old showed off two looks in the parade and had the honour of wearing the brand’s famous Angel wings.

But it was her celebratory dance at the end of the show’s finale that led to Hadid accidentally flashing the top of her nipples.

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