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Unlike Disneyland Magic Mountain had our screams all the way to Snow Summit. I heard my mom calling to shut our mouth. You and anyone will never forget the experience of riding and riding and riding it seems like if it was forever. the best part of course is the company. I was with her and her and him too. What a ride we took from about around the Fullerton Community College as a common well known location nation wide and now to to the world both destinations are to be told about. Image result for disneyland images

Universal City still about Hollywood just a bid far little distant from the fame and all that walk and talk about the stars. yes , we went from about few miles from Disney Anaheim to to do all that screaming because we felt like it. For kids and adults Magic mountain is true ghost type fun and hallucination that everyone must have on any date.

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The park is about riding long rides for a long time, and the ups, the downs and turn around.By the time we were done, We wanted more but that was the time to return home. Sure it was the talk of the town, but for most is the photos we took and the images are shocking how we all looked screaming our guts out. it is difficult to describe other than we were screaming most of the time, forget the french fries, the funnel cakes with all the powder sugar you can eat, and i can say we had few soft drinks. I personally enjoyed the screams that lasted all the afternoon and it seems forever after.


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