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Posted By on October 21, 2016

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President Clinton showing off his healthy bracelet.

Silicone and rubber bracelets have taken the fashion world by storm. They are used as decorative jewelry, as fundraisers or to convey a message to the world. To show how important these rubber bracelets have become, think about American cyclist Lance Armstrong. While competing in the Tour de France, he purposely wore a yellow bracelet to show that he was a cancer survivor and that he wanted to help raise money for cancer research. His Live Strong wristbands were inspirational and have been a huge success ever since.

Rubber bracelets are trend setters. They are durable, yet light and are made from first-rate, industrial strength, polished silicone. Their colors can light up a room and they wont burn a hole in your wallet. To make them even more desirable, many types can be personalized, making your bracelet the only one of its kind. Now, how cool is that?!

The text on rubber bracelets can vary. It can be just about anything you want, as long as design your own silicone bracelets phrase is not too long and fits nicely on the wristband. Rubber bracelets are exciting gadgets as they can also cute wristbands be shaped to fit logos or other special designs. Children love those bands with animal faces, while there is no age limit to those who make Christmas their number one holiday.There are many types of rubber bracelets. Wearing a debossed bracelet means that your word or sentence was molded into the silicone wristband, while putting on a two layer wristband suggests, you have a bracelet with one color on the outside of the band, and another on the inside. Those rubber bracelets are exclusively supplied by

Confused or overwhelmed by all the different styles of custom rubber bracelets? No problem! Most websites explain clearly how their products are manufactured and how the imprinting is done. Lets say, the rubber bracelet that caught your eye was debossed. That would mean that the words on that wristband were molded to be recessed into the material. Simple as that! For more explanations and stunning rubber bracelets check out This company offers excellent services and are the exclusive supplier of 2 layer bands – bracelets with one color on the outside, and another on the inside of the band.

Nobody will ever be able to deny that color plays a big part in our life. From flowers, to cars and the close we buy… without color our existence would be extremely drab. Rubber bracelet manufacturers know this all too well and have used color to give their products special meaning.

The following examples are just a taste of the various significances awareness bracelets can have:

Red Rubber Bracelets: HIV /AIDS awareness and heart disease prevention.

Green largely connects with nature and environmental issues. This color also represents leukemia research and organ donors.

Blue Rubber Bracelets: General cancer research, domestic violence and child abuse prevention. The dark navy blue ones represent autism support.

Pink rubber bracelets are known worldwide. Through their sales, immense donations have been collected for breast cancer research.

Raising awareness has never been easier. By using plain colors, glow in the dark variations, or rubber bracelets with swirly colors, immense amounts of charitable donations have been raised, money many research departments depend on to survive. So, if you want to look nifty, worldly chic, or like to support a worthy cause, visit At the site you will not only find the wristband that will bring a smile to your face, but will also captivate the world around you.

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