Girls problems and solutions a southern california story.

Posted By on September 14, 2013

What was the one experience that completely changed your life? What happened? How did it change your life?

My dad called me early one morning, i was extremely hung over from a long night drinking with Cherry and her cousin Yolanda. My dad knew about that night, and the nights before. I was a busser down the street at a coffee shop on Harbor Blvd and Commonwealth Ave, in Now downtown Fullerton. Someone told on me. My dad was really disappointed in me. I was about 19  years old. He asked if i was going to school. I didn’t answer, i was crying  and shocking on my words. I knew someone told him. Someone who knew me and had to avenge himself. The Girls again was the problem and the solution. Guys who are envious or din’t understand the attraction, it was one of my roommate. I already was sleeping with supposed to be his girlfriend, like from one side. One of the girls worked with us as a waitress, her cousin Yolanda lived with her and she frequent the coffee shop. Nice family, Cherry’s parent were customers and friends. This happened to be in the middle of sort of split up with my girlfriend, she also worked with us,and her mom too. Darlene Peterson was a full time teacher and part time waitress at the coffee shop so did her daughter Robin. Girls wanna have fun,but also some serious issue as a test. Darlene wanted to get rid of her daughter in a way, like may be if Eddie buy a house and settle down. She was in a bad marriage, Mr. peterson was not the biological father of Robin. She wanted him out  because he was not a businessman and he doesn’t want to be a businessman, he like to be a furniture salesman only. She did get rid of him, and she really fixed Robin,later wit a husband who bought a house and settle down. All this and more went  to my dad. That morning was one of the worst day of my life. I felt the world around me turning, my head was so heavy, i went to the bathroom sink and throw up my guts out. I don’t know why i didn’t make it any where else…Then i didn’t like to look inside the toilette. But the sink, oh men i didn’t stop. i took a shower and walked to Fullerton College Administration Building, and i begin the process of a long straight 7 years and a few month. My dad later supported  me in every step, He seen a change man who told him something about changing course and really did. I visited my dad, and he came over few times, during which he told me about that morning of 1980. It was confirm that my friend told on me more than just drinking and going out. He had added few things like i was smoking Hash, not pot, and i was dealing cocaine. I never smoked hash, nor ever dealt cocaine, i smoked pot twice at parties, when i find out it was not for me i didn’t continue. Some of my friends wanted me to go that road, of smoking pot and dealing drugs, i sort of understood their strategy, but to me i was just lucky, i hang around with the right people, girls who wanted to have a good time, we were from the same upraising, and two world apart. We like to drink and have a good time, Some people didn’t understand the connections. It is vibes that bring people together, it felt like if i didn’t party with Cherry and Yolanda that night, if they were not my friends, i probably never went to school, my dad would never find out, and i will be with some girls who would have had my friends blessing.

Cover of "The Girls"

Cover of The Girls

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