Anaheim and a Southern California City Street Story,,,

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Anbaheim's growers

Anaheim orange growers pitch in to help the war effort during the early 1940s.
(Courtesy of Anaheim History Room.)

Anaheim and a Southern California City Street Story,,,,”Katella “Katella Avenue is a combination of the names of Kate and Ella Rae. Kate founded the Anaheim Red Cross Chapter, and Ella was the first chairperson of the library board.”

Anaheim, now the tenth largest city in California, began in 1857 as a colony of German farmers and vintners. Founding member George Hansen surveyed the original 200 acres which now comprises the city’s downtown area, bounded by North, South, East and West streets. The city’s name is a composition of “Ana” from the nearby Santa Ana river and “heim,” German for home. Those early pioneers considered this location their “home by the river.”

Farming was their occupation and lifestyle. Among the crops for the first few decades were grapes grown for wine. But a plague in the 1870’s wiped out the vineyards and in their place, groves of citrus trees were planted. The first commercially oranges in Orange County were grown in Anaheim, where the growers attributed their success to the local hills which protected the fruit against the cold winds coming down from the mountains. Other crops included walnuts and chili peppers.

These first settlers were farmers, but they were also writers, artists and musicians. The first public buildings were not administrative facilities, but a school and an opera house.

 Between 1880 and 1960, Anaheim was host to several orange growers and processors who used their orange crate labels to identify their brand and advertise a golden California lifestyle. Some of the more notable growers and processors were:

Anaheim Orchid, Anaheim Supreme, Autumn Leaf, Balboa, Barony, Blue Vase, Caramia, Colonial Mother, Doria, El Pajo Real, Favorita, Hi-Class, Lincoln, Man O’ War, Meritoria, Mother Colony, Nightcap, Pride of Anaheim, Red Breast, Siren, Sonia.


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