Getting Rid of Back Fat..And the back is the largest fat storage

Posted By on August 23, 2015

Exercise Tips for Getting Rid of Back Fat

Getting Rid of Back Fat

Every day, thousands of people search for “how to lose back fat” online. What most people want is the quick fix, the magic pill solution for instant gratification. I’m going to lay it out up front for you: forget the notion that there is an instant solution for getting rid of back fat.

Many of the most popular exercises for losing back fat are actually not helping very much at all. The truth is that most people who make attempts at getting rid of back fat will not achieve their goals because they fail to recognize the fundamental science of fat loss.

If you are trying to lose back fat, it will help to first learn more about what you are up against before you try to accomplish your fitness goals.

Back Body Fat Distribution

Most of the stored fat in your body is subcutaneous fat (beneath the skin). While body fat is distributed throughout your entire body, some people have “problem areas” which store a greater proportion of body fat than others. When back fat is a problem area, it is usually stored in the lower back, but it can also be in the upper back.

Upper Back Fat

Back Fat - Getting Rid of Back FatUpper back fat, or what some refer to as back boobs, is the area which covers the muscles of your thoracic spine and scapula. Contrary to popular belief, this area of the back stores fat just like the lower back area. The difference is that the human body always stores more fat in the lower back area and will begin to store it there before the upper back region.

Those with excess upper back fat are likely already significantly overweight. This is simply because in both men and women, the body tends to store fat in other areas before it does in the upper back area. People looking to lose fat in this area usually have noticeable excess fat stores all over but for some reason want to target this upper back area.

Another common reason people try to get rid of back fat in this area is because popular skinfold body composition estimation methods use a measurement from a pinch of skin in this sub-scapular region as part of the assessments. When someone hears they have 30mm of fat on their upper back in relation to other parts of their body, they may think that it is abnormal, when in fact, it is just part of human body fat distribution.

Lower Back Fat

Muffin Top - Getting Rid of Back FatThe lower back fat that many people are trying to lose may be better categorized as abdominal fat. The fat surrounding theobliques is what makes the back appear to be fat.

The region considered to contain lower back fat is often referred to as “love handles” or “muffin top” and is a trademark of the android fat distribution pattern.

The android pattern of fat distribution, which is more common in men than women, is commonly referred to as the “apple” body type.

The apple refers to those who tend to accumulate body fat in the mid-section of their body in the abdominal and low back area. The other body type, “pears”, tend to store the bulk of their body fat in their hips, buns and thighs. “Apples” who become overweight and overfat are those who are most commonly try getting rid of back fat.


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