The clothes that help beat pickpockets

Secret pockets, anti-slash bags… and special pouch to put in your bra: The clothes that help beat pickpockets
Trousers that have combination of zips and fold-over flaps give security
Hiding cards in a pocket on your sock would be hard find for a pickpocket
For women there’s the option to place valuables in the bra; men can place in pocket on boxer shorts 

They are a scourge of modern tourism, trawling popular cities and attractions to make off with visitors’ valuables.

But pickpockets can be beaten by a host of different tips and tricks – not to mention some quirky clothing solutions.

With secret zip pockets, hidden pouches and anti-slash straps, these items aim to keep travellers safe from bag snatchers and pickpockets all over the world.

As well as maintain our common sense, there are specially secure clothing we can wear to beat the pickpockets
So if you’re the kind of person to have your head buried in a map, or more interested in street names than what’s going on around you, these useful – and sometimes bizarre – pickpocket-proof clothing items could be just what you need.


Pick-pocket Proof Adventure Travel Trousers

With a host of zips, velcro strips and flaps to ‘double lock’ your pockets, these trousers are ideal for touring around cities.

And there are trousers for every occasion – business, pleasure and even shorts for the beach.

The trousers are designed so they look just like any other, but the pockets come with added security features
Adam Rapp, owner and designer of Clothing Arts, who specialise in the trousers, told MailOnline Travel: ‘We have sold 35,000 pairs so far and ship to 60 countries worldwide.

‘We believe our security clothing is the best in the world, and we have filled a vital gap in the market.’

Mr Rapp spoke of he first got involved in the idea when travelling in China, when underneath the bell tower in Xi’an, China, he was targetted by a pickpocket.

‘Luckily they didn’t manage to get anything, but it made me think, why do I have to wear a money belt when you should be able to keep valuables in your trousers,’ he added.




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