Coolest Spring fashion statement and trends

While New York Fashion Week went wild and neon, especially with the yellows and the pinks, London Fashion Week dipped the spring 2018 fashions in the softest pastel colors for spring 2018 ever, either mix-and-matching them with one another, or using them together for delicate coordinates that are to die for. All in all, playing with pastel hues is easy and fun when it comes to wardrobe choices, so we recommend keeping an eye on this particular trend if you are looking for something trendy and practical for everyday life.

If you are one of those people that are hopelessly in love with ruffles like me, the fact that the ruffles and ruches trend isn’t going to end any time soon will make you extremely happy. London Fashion Week just confirmed that not only ruffles will be playing a pivotal role the upcoming warmer months, but will also go hand in hand with one of the biggest spring 2018 fashion trends – pastel colors.

While yellow was NYFW’s must-have color, pink was London Fashion Week’s all-time favorite hue, especially when filtered through the aforementioned pastel lenses. As seen at Christopher Kane and Roksanda, pink is the color of passion in London, and wasn’t for this reason left alone, all by itself.

Most of the fashion designers paired pink with rich red hues, creating a potpourri of passion, love, creativity, and unexpected bon-ton effects that we hope will find their autumnal counterpart during the fall 2018 fashion weeks as well.

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